Forensic Services

Commercial litigation is often about money: who should pay and how much.

Putting a figure on the amount in question can be a very complex and challenging task requiring considerable expertise.

But it is not enough to get the right answer: it must also be done in the right way – impartially and on the basis of clear transparent reasoning.

At Halligan & Co we pride ourselves on delivering dispassionate, technically-excellent advice based on extensive professional experience.

We have received instructions from all the major law firms and have undertaken assignments across a range of industries including the manufacturing, retail, services, hospitality, primary, property, telecommunications, information technology, distribution, transport, infrastructure, funds management and finance industries.

  • Tasks
  • Quantification of damages
  • Account of profits
  • Valuation
  • Complex financial analysis
  • Opinions on professional negligence
  • Critique of another expert's report
  • Identifying accounting evidence
  • Financial assessments for security of costs
  • Roles
  • Expert Witness
  • Consulting expert
  • Referee
  • Expert in an expert determination